National Student Clearinghouse Dashboard


The EOC purchased access to this data for the first time in 2022, giving all high schools access to graduation and enrollment data from the nearly 3,600 colleges and universities that participate in the Clearinghouse system. Each high school received individualized reports for Classes 2015-2022, containing data on college enrollment, persistence, and completion. These dashboards help visualize data from the Enrollment and Persistence reports.

To help unpack what data is available, high school leaders can view a short ten-minute video explaining the contents of each report.


  • Clicking a district on the map will create a district filter. To clear the filter, click within the district again.
  • To reset the map zoom, click the home icon to the left of the map.
  • If experiencing issues in tablet or mobile view, click the “Aa” next to the url and request mobile version.
  • If unable to scroll in tablet view or mobile view, try scrolling in the margins to the left or right of the dashboard border.