SC READY Proficiency by Per Pupil Expenditures


The above dashboard compares SC READY performance with Per Pupil Expenditure (PPE), which is the amount of dollars spent per pupil. Each school is represented by a circle, with color representing the percentage of pupils in poverty and size representing the school's size. A darker purple school represents a higher percentage of pupils in poverty, while a light blue school represents a lower percentage of pupils in poverty. For more information about how these percentages are calculated, view the Data Notes at the bottom of the page.

The vertical line (top to bottom) represents the average PPE. Schools to the left of the vertical line spend less than average, while schools to the right spend above average. The horizontal line (left to right) represents the total percent of student SC READY (English Language Arts and Mathematics) tests that were scored Meets Expectations or Exceeds Expectations (ME). Schools above the horizontal line had a higher percentage of ME tests than the statewide percentage, while schools below the line had a lower percentage of ME tests than the statewide percentage.

To look at a school district individually, click the dropdown below “Filter by District” and select a district from the dropdown. You can also click on a district in the map to do the same. This will allow you to see how schools compare within a district, meaning that the vertical and horizontal lines will shift to reflect district averages.

To highlight schools from a district while keeping your current visualization, select “Highlight District.” This will allow you to see how schools in a district compare with the state, meaning that the vertical and horizontal lines will still reflect statewide averages.

Data Notes

  • 2022 represents the latest year of available audited financial data provided by the SC Dept. of Education. This dashboard will be updated as soon as more recent audited financials are available.
  • School size is based on a school's reported 135-day enrollment.
  • Pupils in poverty and 135-day enrollment can be found in the 2022 Report Card files. Because financial data lags a year behind (due to audits), it is found in the 2023 Report Card files.
  • Per Pupil Expenditure is a result of total revenue received by the school from all funding sources (federal, local, and state) excluding debt service, capital projects, and pupil activity.
  • In the 2020-21 school year, statewide test participation rates were less consistent than is typical.
  • Schools not reporting financial data, SC READY performance, or 135-day enrollment are not included in the above scatterplot but may display in the associated map.
  • If less than 20 students were tested at the school, the school is suppressed from view and will not be shown.


  • Clicking a district on the map will create a district filter. To clear the filter, click within the district again.
  • To reset the map zoom, click the home icon to the left of the map.
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  • If unable to scroll in tablet view or mobile view, try scrolling in the margins to the left or right of the dashboard border.